OK, for forum members - free (you pay shipping). I'm almost 100% certain everything fits 2010-2013 but check it yourself if you have any doubts.

2013 rear view mirror - looks like brand new, came off my car when I put my Homelink mirror on.
2013 base model steering wheel - also looks like brand new (been riding in the backseat for the past 10 years), took it off when I installed my cruise control wheel. Not leather, no cruise controls
2013 USB/Power socket - single socket, took this out when I put my double socket in.

If you want the wheel, I'll probably just pack & ship from UPS Store as I don't have it boxed. The mirror is boxed already, and the socket will probably just go in a USPS envelope. I'm in TN so that's where it would ship from if you want to check first (37601).

I'm posting this on April 3, 2023. I'm going to let this ride for maybe a month and then this stuff is finding its way to the landfill as I'll never go through the trouble of putting it back on my car, which has just under 200k miles on it now since I bought it new. So if you're seeing this ad at the end of 2023 or some other year, don't ask if it's still for sale :)