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"fixing" an engine failure

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2016 soul 1.6 gdi ,engine has 105,000 on the clock and fried a piston ,currently waiting on dealership to see if it qualifies for replacement , was never run low on oil ,followed the maintenance schedule religiously ,it had all recalls done ,it was eating oil like a 2stroke but was running on all 4 up in till sudden death
....,troubleshot it myself before taking it to dealer ......code po303 ,constant misfire ,has spark ,has fuel ,changed plug ,checked compression (45psi on 3) ,no vacuum ,huge amount of blow-by ,....scoped cylinder ,...piston is there ,wall looks scored ,no holes ,didn't see anything catastrophic and rod bearings may be ok ....

this my mothers car ,if the factory doesn't fix it ,then "i'm" going to have to fix it ,as she's a senoir and can't afford to take it as a loss
.....i'm not an expert ,but not a novice ,came here to look for resources for parts ,repairs and options ,to ask about availability of replacement parts ,upgraded parts ,replacement short blocks ,ect ....are there any retailers that sell sleeves and/or pistons in repair clearance spec (slightly larger in order rebore block) and can you re-hone ,re-bore or fix a cylinder bore or these particular engines

any links ,resources and advice would be greatly appreciated and may prove really helpful to others who may stumble onto the threat ,....i had a hard time finding anything on resources and options ,i think this engine might be repairable but won't know intill i tear it down ,looking to get a head start on the where ,who and hows ......

edit* just saw i posted on wrong gen topic ,will repost in gen 2 but the thread may still apply to gen 1 owners
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My opinion is knock sensor is for rod knock, bearing going bad. Detonation is completely different but there should also be a sensor for that that retards timing.

The knock sensor update was to increase the sensitivity and make sure it put your car in limp mode if it triggered. In exchange for getting the update done, Kia would warranty the rod bearings for an additional 50k miles.

I don't know what the warranty on the catalytic converter is. It's the engine that is warrantied for 100k miles for the original owner from my understanding.
i can't help but wonder ,if poor maintenance causes the bearing failures , ... then why would a recall and update to detect it be the fix offered , like ,it would allude to either ,bearing failure is an issue , and /or a different issue causing bearing failure
Bearings usually fail from lack of lubrication and in my opinion it usually happens to people who think checking their oil level is beneath them, and changing the oil isn't a priority.

I think the update was due to the potential safety consequences of catastrophic bearing failure at highway speeds. Someone who can't be bothered to check or change their oil probably would just keep driving if they heard funny noises and just a check engine light.

The KSDS update prevents that, makes the car pretty much undrivable if it thinks the bearings are headed to failure. And Kia says that shouldn't happen before 150k miles if the car is properly maintained.
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Sorry for the initial confusion, I honestly had no idea that the rod knock sensor was just the detonation sensor repurposed. I never had one of these engines apart, I just had this mental model of something up by the head tuned for higher frequency pinging/detonation noise to adjust timing, and something lower on the block tuned for lower frequency bad mechanical noises. I guess it makes sense though.
Well it is what it is. You can't expect Kia to pay all the disassembly/reassembly labor for everyone who comes in off the streets claiming they just lost the receipts, but actually neglected the engine. In your case since the car was so meticulously maintained you should have nothing to worry about.
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I would want the almost paid off 2016 with a brand new engine if it was for me or my mom.
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......what do you'all think a 2016 base soul with a new motor is worth ,'s market value ,and trade in value is another factor
It's worth a lot more than they will give you on trade, that's for sure.

Now the convenience factor is something else, if you just want to be out from under it and have mom in a brand new set of wheels tomorrow with a brand new 6 year saddle on her back, that's your business.
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