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"fixing" an engine failure

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2016 soul 1.6 gdi ,engine has 105,000 on the clock and fried a piston ,currently waiting on dealership to see if it qualifies for replacement , was never run low on oil ,followed the maintenance schedule religiously ,it had all recalls done ,it was eating oil like a 2stroke but was running on all 4 up in till sudden death
....,troubleshot it myself before taking it to dealer ......code po303 ,constant misfire ,has spark ,has fuel ,changed plug ,checked compression (45psi on 3) ,no vacuum ,huge amount of blow-by ,....scoped cylinder ,...piston is there ,wall looks scored ,no holes ,didn't see anything catastrophic and rod bearings may be ok ....

this my mothers car ,if the factory doesn't fix it ,then "i'm" going to have to fix it ,as she's a senoir and can't afford to take it as a loss
.....i'm not an expert ,but not a novice ,came here to look for resources for parts ,repairs and options ,to ask about availability of replacement parts ,upgraded parts ,replacement short blocks ,ect ....are there any retailers that sell sleeves and/or pistons in repair clearance spec (slightly larger in order rebore block) and can you re-hone ,re-bore or fix a cylinder bore or these particular engines

any links ,resources and advice would be greatly appreciated and may prove really helpful to others who may stumble onto the threat ,....i had a hard time finding anything on resources and options ,i think this engine might be repairable but won't know intill i tear it down ,looking to get a head start on the where ,who and hows ......

edit* just saw i posted on wrong gen topic ,will repost in gen 2 but the thread may still apply to gen 1 owners
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piston is there ,wall looks scored
I think that's pretty catastrophic. But if you can do the work maybe not. I believe your parts are available from Kia, it's not that old.
Stick around, do a search. There are people with much better answers than me on here.
Your questions may already be posted about.
.and ironically ,the nice "lady" manager seemed more familiar with the component removal and the gdi engine ,then the manager handling the case ,and the mechanic explained the whole process thus far ,as per the extremely detailed instructions from kia corporate

so now it's a waiting game ,to see if it is approved and then to find out how long it will take ......still a bit grumpy about price .... :/
GLWFix, and don't write off the women.

Not really related but I listened to a woman in the local hardware store explain to some guy how to fix and maintain his chainsaw. I could tell she knew way more about it than him. :ROFLMAO:
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