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I was truely impressed, esp after reading the nightmares experiences some of yall have had with your dealerships. Called last night to make an appt for this morning, dropped it off at 8am to have a few things looked into

bluetooth - does not hear me!
rear wiper - grinds
tires - unbalanced

the service manager called me at 10am, said he had ordered a new wiper motor and that it would hopefully be there in a few days, fixed the bluetooth (new mic), and balanced and rotated the tires which is covered under warranty for the first 12k miles, he told me I can pick it up this evening if I wanted or I could leave it till tomorrow (I think ill leave it cause im borrowing my dads 06 Vette) :D

he has also told me that was NOT their first wiper motor they have had to replace, so keep your fingers crossed guys that they issue a TSB for this particular problem...
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