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First Car: 2013 Soul+ from Portland, Oregon.

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Hi guys,

My girlfriend and I just purchased our first vehicle. We got a Bright Silver 2013 Kia Soul+ A/T


  • Auto-dimming mirror w/ compass
  • Cargo Cover
  • Carpeted Floor Mats
  • Audio Package
  • Power Sunroof w/ Tilt & Fog Lights
  • Wheel Locks

The first thing we are looking to add is a roof rack. I'm looking at the Yakima/Whispbar HD. Do you guys have any thoughts on the Whispbars from Yakima? Yakima Vehicle Rooftop Rack Systems

I don't see a lot of younger people driving the Soul in Portland, but I love this car. I'm a big guy (6'4, 300lbs) and can't believe how well it fits me. I'm happy to be here and can't wait to dig-in and learn even more about this car.
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Welcome, howdy, and enjoy! I think you'll like it - I'm a not-as-big-as-you guy (5'10", 225) and I find I have all kinds of room.
welcome to the forum and congrats on your purchase. It would be helpful for future conversations if you could add 2013 Soul +, AT, silver to the DRIVES profile on the left side - thanks.

Also check into SSD for roof rails, many members have purchase them and find them easy to install and decent price.
SSD Performance

I too have the sunroof and Infinity sound system, but here in Canada the fog lights are standard on all our models and my model comes standard with OEM roof rails. (which is why the location that you have filled in is important, as Soul's are not equipped the same worldwide.) ;)

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jdmartin: Thanks

Conwelpic: Thanks for the heads up. The OEM roof rails look good. The flush look is nice.
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