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Electrical connection O2 sensor stuck

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Good Evening,

I have replaced my upstream O2 sensor in the past because it was malfunctioning in December 2020.

I believe I have to replace it again because I am getting error code P2243 (in addition to P0420, which I have accepted as permanent). The vehicle itself is idling roughly when stopped, and on two occasions, completely stalled. It was able to be restarted afterwards.

However, while I was prepared for the screw-in end of the sensor, I was not prepared for the electrical end of the sensor.

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The sensor in question was this that I'm replacing: KAX 234-5107 Oxygen Sensor,...

I have no idea how to get this apart. The black piece does not pull apart. I tried squeezing the other end with pliers, and sliding in a screwdriver, but neither one of them is working. Is there a way to get these apart? Thanks in advance
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That's a good plan. OEM parts are really not much more expensive then the junk you find at auto parts stores and online retailers but they are expensive in the long run. I had a contractor at my house last Saturday and he was telling me how his work van (about a 12-15 year old Chevy) needed another radiator but he had a warranty from Auto Zone as he replaced it 2 years ago. So I said the OEM part lasted 12 years and you're going to be replacing this one and the coolant every 2 years, great bargain LOL
We used to always joke when a customer said they got a lifetime warranty from a local parts place that it meant they would be replacing it for a lifetime!
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