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Like it because the video is good quality.
And I have a question can you make a video form your engine.
I want to see the differences between your and the one we have in Holland.
In Holland you can get the 1.6 liter and nothing else.
I hope that you have the 2.0 liter.
If you have also the 1.6 liter I still want to see the video.
Thank you very much already.


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Great Video - Next time mention
- Blue Tooth Hands Free Phone
- Trip Odometer "A" and "B" - a nice extra that allows total trip mileage to be saved, while using Trip B for gas mileage per tank.
- also, since we can see it in the video - talk about the passenger side air bag being off
- also Traction Stability Control
- Tire Pressure Monitor

just a thought..
Carl B.
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