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2021 KIA Soul X-Line Neptune Blue w/Black Top. Vehicle Build Date 10/07/2020, purchased 12/30/2020.
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I'm going to let the dealer do my Stinger oil changes because I think they are offering free maintenance for 3 years. :) Heck yeah! I will be checking the levels though.

On the oil level check issue - I've noticed on my Hondas, sometimes they will show low oil on the dipstick - I can drive shortly and park it and it shows correct level... weird. Like oil is staying up in the valve cover area or something. This has happened on each of my 4 Hondas more than once each.
I checked my oil level according to what Tree 44 pointed out above. The manual states to get engine to operating temp, shut down, wait 5 min, then check the level.

Previously I syphoned off about 12 oz because the oil level on the dip stick was, in my opinion, way over the full mark after the car had sat on level surface for 24 hours. So when I started this test the car was cold 24+ hours on a level surface. Oil level was on the top raised line just below the 'F' in the dip stick, above the dots. For a picture see post #11.

After the car reached operating temp I shut down and waited 5 minutes and checked again. Now the oil level is right at the 2nd row of dots below the raised line, on the 'F' side of the dip stick. So I think I'm good. On my next service I'll check again using the procedure outlined in the service manual. :)

So the confusion might just be my ignorance on how this vehicle should be checked. Dad taught me years ago on his AMC Rambler Wagon how to check/change oil. Maybe through the years thangs have changed! I'll be checking the published owners manual from now on to see how the manufacturer suggests it to be done.
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