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I have a 2013 base model that needs new wheel covers. I have been looking all over trying to find something but so far most everything I would want is on the CARID web site. Problem is that when I enter the car type and model everything disappears from the list except one thing, which I do not want. There are a host of 15 inch skins or covers that fit that we like but I am uncertain if they will fit. Can CARID or anyone answer my question?

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Hey Shaggy, I have a set of wheel covers I bought from CARID almost 3 years ago. I really like them & the price was great.

This is my experience: the site said they were compatible with my 14 Soul, 16" wheels. Many of their wheel covers are not held on by the lug nuts (like the ones that come from Kia), they are held on by an expansion ring that secures to the steelies. However, when I put them on, they just fell off, like from gravity. The expansion ring was slightly too small for the wheels.

I called CARID and all they said was "send them back" and they had no other product to offer or a solution. Since I really like the wheel covers, I MacGyver'd a solution by cutting up a neopryne mouse pad into little 1" strips. That was thick enough to force the ring to expand out. I place about 5 per wheel and they have stayed securely in place ever since.


PS: I see what you mean about only showing one wheel for 2013. I had to go back to the 2011 Soul to get more options. If those are the same wheels as your 2013, it might be a work-a-round???

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My 2013 Base model Kia Soul came with 15" steel wheels, and those totally nerdly grey plastic wheel covers, held on by the lug nuts.

Well, I couldn't stand those things, so I went into town on day one, to see what I could find in the way of Custom Wheel Covers.

I went to Pep Boys where I've bought wheel covers before and came away with these bad boys.

After about three years they suffered greatly from curb burns, etc., so I went back to Pep Boys again and got a second set of the same pattern of Wheel Covers.
I've lots of positive comments on how the car looks with these new covers.
I think they cost me $29.95. Not bad for something that made my little car look so much better.

They are held on by spring tension, from a spring steel ring. But, there are two notches into which that ring can be installed.
One will indeed not hold the wheel cover on tight enough, while putting the ring in the other notch will hold the cover on tightly.

I didn't fully realize that, till I was removing the old wheel covers and replacing them with the new ones.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

FL Hamster :cool:

PS: After just two years and about 25k miles, my original steel wheels looked like this:

So, after I cleaned them with a rag soaked in Lacquer Thinner, and repainting them with Duplicolor Gloss Black, they looked and still look like this:

Yes, I even painted the center hub and lug nuts, because they show through the openings in the wheel covers.

While I was at it.....the rocker panels on my while Soul, looked like crap and were very hard to keep clean, so...
I painted them with Duplicolor Black Bed Liner. Now they virtually disappear, and no longer look bad.

It's amazing what you can do with a simple rattle can! (and some masking tape)
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