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Cargo Organizer, Lid and Tray; Weathertech Window Vents FOR SALE

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I have the following items for sale,

Wethertech Window Air Deflectors, less than year old (front and back windows) - Dark Tint - original price - $100+ship, hows $40+ship?
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Minivan

Kia Soul Cargo Organizer (G080) - they price it at 175, hows 90+ship comes with Kia Soul Cargo Net (G007) and Cargo Logic Tray System
Cargo Organizer Cover - they price at $90 hows 30+ship
Cargo Tray -sells for $90 - hows 30+ship
Bumper Vehicle Car Compact car Subcompact car

OEM Carpeted Floor Mats (G070) - never used - original price 77+ship, hows 25+ship

PM me, first come
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Selling your Soul?
WeatherTech vents are sold!
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