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brought 2014 kia soul for oil change and tire rotation and i feel like im being scammed.

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I brought 2014 kia soul, with 57k miles, for oil an change and tire rotation and i feel like im being scammed. I got a txt saying the following things needed to be addressed immediately:
1) fuel induction service: 199.99$
2) brake flush: 149.95$
3) spark plug replacement: 304.11$

fair condition suggested:
1) cabin air filter: 89.95$
2) engine air filter: 69.95$

What do you all think? The repair rep at the dealership says he does not see my FUEL INDUCTION ever being done and its a priority it gets done.

When i asked him for a copy of the maintenance schedule he was referring to as it was his only copy. Lol really.

also anyone know if i do my own spark plug change with approved kia spark plugs and have receipt of the parts that this will not screw up my warranty on the car? Such a ridiculous easy job, why so exp?

thanks in advance
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....Fuel induction service on a GDI engine is not in the manual, it is just a darn good idea. ....
Yes. Excellent idea.

As the OP does not perform their own service, it is likely an excellent idea to pay the dealership to perform a fuel induction service.
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so what is BG? Sorry not familiar with that brand. Ill be going to autozone today to get some things to do most of this except the brake flush done myself. My last car was a Hyundai that never gave me any issues. Till someone decided stealing it and driving it through the desert in las vegas was a neato way to treat a street vehicle. lol
If you are willing to take the time and effort, this document should help answer this and similar questions:

How to prevent oil and power loss in a Kia Soul GDI engine
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