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brought 2014 kia soul for oil change and tire rotation and i feel like im being scammed.

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I brought 2014 kia soul, with 57k miles, for oil an change and tire rotation and i feel like im being scammed. I got a txt saying the following things needed to be addressed immediately:
1) fuel induction service: 199.99$
2) brake flush: 149.95$
3) spark plug replacement: 304.11$

fair condition suggested:
1) cabin air filter: 89.95$
2) engine air filter: 69.95$

What do you all think? The repair rep at the dealership says he does not see my FUEL INDUCTION ever being done and its a priority it gets done.

When i asked him for a copy of the maintenance schedule he was referring to as it was his only copy. Lol really.

also anyone know if i do my own spark plug change with approved kia spark plugs and have receipt of the parts that this will not screw up my warranty on the car? Such a ridiculous easy job, why so exp?

thanks in advance
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ok thanks, i saw this and thought someone needed to pay boat money bills. I reading some of the brakes need to be kept full during flushing or else air gets inside the system and cause abs issues. But this makes me feel so much better I said no. I've actually went to their website there is no maintenance schedule listed on their site and the txt chat lady wanted me to make an appointment to have my car seen. Almost any other kia dealership has the maintenance schedules listed, so it makes me wonder if I should drive further to find a more honest dealership?
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You’re right. When a brake flush is done properly, they make sure the reservoir stays full so no air gets into the system.

Your owners manual will have the maintenance schedule for both normal and severe maintenance service. Or you can look at it online at the Kia website. Should be under section 8 in the owners manual.

Yes thanks almost 90% of all kids dealerships had the maintenance schedule for all kias on thier websites. This on in st Augustine did not. Even the sms might txt support person could not tell a straight answer. I'll be going to Jacksonville dealer next time around.
You're right that a few minutes would not do the trick. The BG runs through it for about 25 minutes to a half hour. Judging by the smoke cloud that it produces that will get rid of mosquitoes in a 2 block radius it is getting carbon out. I'm sure the little CRC method guys use at home helps but I doubt it can be compared to a professional service. Never read that anyone was scared of all the smoke and carbon that blew out the back, what comes out with BG would freak out most people and will set several codes.
so what is BG? Sorry not familiar with that brand. Ill be going to autozone today to get some things to do most of this except the brake flush done myself. My last car was a Hyundai that never gave me any issues. Till someone decided stealing it and driving it through the desert in las vegas was a neato way to treat a street vehicle. lol
Mine’s a 2013, but a cabin filter runs $10 and 15mins to remove & replace. And an engine filter $15 and 4mins to remove & replace. You can search YouTube on how to do “stuff” ;)
yeah mine are done already.. I just cant believe the prices for the spark plugs..lols
You definitely got scam. Where did you take it? Also, this is something you could have done yourself. Spark plugs they already come calibrated all you have to do take the old ones out and put the new ones in. Spark plug wire easy to remove. Oil and filter easy to change. Go to your nearest Dollar General buy a plastic tray and get a clean rag a wrench I believe 11/16 but metric and do the change yourself. May be a little messy but to save money it's worth it. If you live in a State that winter is around, you and cold talk to a friend give him a $20. to use his indoor garage. Man, it beats paying all that money you paid.

Some people think that you have to buy the brand of the car parts. Thats Bull, you can buy everything Tru your parts store. I live in South Carolina and have a 2013 Kia Soul Plus; I buy my parts from Ebay all the time. Oil and filter from auto zone. Since I go there every 3 months to get my oil, I get whole price. I purchased my Kia with 35,000 mile I now have 126,000 miles. Not bad since 2 people use the little car. Good luck for the next time.

One question did you get to see your old parts and did you get a receipt?
did not pay for anything but oil and tire rotation. Just wanted to see if this was someones boat payment and they were making extra cash for the dealership. thanks
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Dealership like to upsell. Brownie points for the service writer and gravy for the tech.
Funny how he reacted when I asked for a copy of the paper he was telling me was the Kia maintenance schedule lol. St. Augustine Kia is the only website that did not list the maintenance schedule on thier website. Mighty suspicious. I'll be going to Jacksonville for hopefully a more professional behavior.
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A similar incident happened when i went to a Kia Dealer by my House on Longisland in NY. As stated most of the issues can be fixed by yourself and is easy.

As stated all the maintenance on a Kia Soul is simple and most are on youtube.

1. The engine filter and cabin filter are easy. And both are $10 or around there at walmart.

2. For fuel system i recommend BG 44k. Sold on amazon or Ebay. Add it to your gas and follow the directions and your good.

3. For carbon cleaning i say to use CRC gdi intake valve cleaner. GDI engines build up carbon and you will def extend the life if your engine doing this.

4. Spark plugs i suggest Ruthenium NGK prices i would say Rock Auto. Also ignition coils. For a newbe a spark plug job is easy and took no time.

For the most part do the work yourself or if you dont feel comfortable with certain work your cars needs.....then buy the part and get a good mechanic to install it. Most dealers now want to rape the consumer and they only want to jack up prices so you either pay or get frustrated and leave.
Will take notes. Bought most everything. Might return the plugs and get the ones your suggesting. Thanks much.
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