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brought 2014 kia soul for oil change and tire rotation and i feel like im being scammed.

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I brought 2014 kia soul, with 57k miles, for oil an change and tire rotation and i feel like im being scammed. I got a txt saying the following things needed to be addressed immediately:
1) fuel induction service: 199.99$
2) brake flush: 149.95$
3) spark plug replacement: 304.11$

fair condition suggested:
1) cabin air filter: 89.95$
2) engine air filter: 69.95$

What do you all think? The repair rep at the dealership says he does not see my FUEL INDUCTION ever being done and its a priority it gets done.

When i asked him for a copy of the maintenance schedule he was referring to as it was his only copy. Lol really.

also anyone know if i do my own spark plug change with approved kia spark plugs and have receipt of the parts that this will not screw up my warranty on the car? Such a ridiculous easy job, why so exp?

thanks in advance
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“Just say no”

Just have what you brought it in for done.

Cabin and engine air filter you can easily do yourself for $25 and plugs are simple and shouldn’t be more than $50 for the plugs.

Fuel induction service is something some people like to do because of our dirty GDI engines, but to be honest it’s probably more of a waste of money.

Brake flush might not be a bad idea given the age of the car, but an independent shop can probably do it for less.

Doing your own maintenance won’t void any warranty. Just save the receipts.
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I reading some of the brakes need to be kept full during flushing or else air gets inside the system and cause abs issues. But this makes me feel so much better I said no. I've actually went to their website there is no maintenance schedule
You’re right. When a brake flush is done properly, they make sure the reservoir stays full so no air gets into the system.

Your owners manual will have the maintenance schedule for both normal and severe maintenance service. Or you can look at it online at the Kia website. Should be under section 8 in the owners manual.

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I just can’t imagine how well some chemicals going through the intake for a few minutes is going to clean years worth of carbon off the intake valves. It doesn’t seem H/K intake valves get as bad as some other manufacturers, so it doesn’t seem worth it to me. Just take the intake manifold off and manually have at it. Sorry, I don’t mean to disagree with you. But on my car, I’m not going to do this service.
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