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2013 Soul 4u Tank almost at E. On ramp to hwy 401 in Toronto (16 lane) put hammer down shuddering downshift & giant cloud of brownish beige smoke. Nothing else so far. I guess I did the Paesano tune up.
Here's the three colors that can be emitted from your exhaust:
  • A rich fuel mixture often causes black smoke.
  • A coolant leak often causes white smoke.
  • Oil in the combustion chambers often causes blue smoke.
Check this link for more details on diagnosing the problem:
Diagnosing Your Engine Based on the Color of Your Exhaust Smoke - AxleAddict

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It was the same scenario described by others. I don't usually floor it and I got the "one time only" build up of carbon Puff of smoke & shudder. In hindsight it could have been grey/black.

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While travelling about 20-25 MPH today, I went to change lanes since the car ahead was going slow. In order to change lanes and merge with the inside lane, I stepped on the throttle to gain speed and pass the car. When I did this, the Soul kinda lurched as if stalled or went into a higher gear (not sure)...for about 1-2 seconds I was travelling kinda slow...and then I look back in the rearview mirror to make sure no cars were coming up. While doing this, I saw huge puff of smoke come out of the muffler. No check engine light that I saw.

The car seemed to drive normal afterwards...although I didn't try to push the throttle aggressively (Was kinda scared to do so).

Any guesses as to what might have caused this? Has this happened to anyone else before?
The oxygen sensor is dirty, needs to be changed

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I know it's old but, engine enema? :ROFLMAO:

The Illinois Enema Bandit, I heard he's on the loose. I heard he's on the loose. 馃槃

Good song btw.
That's EXACTLY what the Acura tech called it "an engine enema."
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