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Aussie Soul pricing

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I've been staking the forums for a few days to get some information about soul ownership, so for my first post i wanted to find out pricing in Australia.

I can see compared to the rest of the world we are getting done on pricing (no charge there!) but i was wondering what sort of deals anyone was able to get on the soul as im quite interested in getting one and at the moment i can see on car sale websites the 2010 soul goes for 20k (19,990).

Is the good/bad, could someone expect to get better deals, are kia dealers likely to move to seal the deal?

thanks for any info.
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Since moving over here i have been amazed at the price of cars. Second hand keep their price and we seem to pay over the odd on new. For example, a diesel sells for approx 27k, in the US it seem well under the $26k (ish) USD mark. I'd be looking a at 1.6 petrol version new but even they're at the 20k$ AUD mark.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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