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Aussie Soul pricing

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I've been staking the forums for a few days to get some information about soul ownership, so for my first post i wanted to find out pricing in Australia.

I can see compared to the rest of the world we are getting done on pricing (no charge there!) but i was wondering what sort of deals anyone was able to get on the soul as im quite interested in getting one and at the moment i can see on car sale websites the 2010 soul goes for 20k (19,990).

Is the good/bad, could someone expect to get better deals, are kia dealers likely to move to seal the deal?

thanks for any info.
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It depends on supply and demand. Kia are trying to improve their reputation in the UK - so they are supplying cars pretty much on a demand only basis. That way the owners pay close to full price and hopefully the car will have a good residual value. The dealers are associating themselves with the higher quality brands also - so the servicing costs are quite expensive too.... but the brand awareness is rising rapidly, and they are following it up with good products.

The USA seems to be at the "pile em high and sell em cheap" phase - they seem to offer all sorts of discounts, cash for clunkers etc and loyalty bonuses - but you buy the car the dealer has in thats quite a different situation.... and by all accounts they have a lot of poor dealers (not all - just some)..... who are only interested in lining their own pockets and not improving Kias reputation.

So basically it depends on how well known Kia are and what they are trying to acheive in your country. And only other buyers in your country can answer that one.
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My brother is emigrating to Aus and he has commented that the cost of living is a bit more expensive over there..... the only way you can compare is by valuing the cost of the car against an average yearly wage and comparing percentage used. Must be awful all that sun and having beaches full of gorgeous bikini clad sheilas...... my heart bleeds!!
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