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Scaring away the competition, your winner for this month is...

Soul Rush

2017 ! Turbo w/24,000 miles to date
Exterior mods:
Red Roof & red trim added, painted grill, k badges, banner Etc.....
Brake caliper covers, metal powdercoated red w/k logo
Shark antenna cover
Under Hood:
Electrical Power block
Air horn
Rockford Powered Sub-woofer
Steering wheel wrap w/red trim
Tinted Windows
Mounted GPS
Dash Camera
Dice & red trim


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Congrats Soul Rush! Well deserved.
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Thanks everyone for your great comments on my Turbo Soul ! !
For the uninitiated ...
I had seen this just recently and some others . . .
Always good to see people get introduced to the awesomeness that is RUSH

With Signals, I dis-owned Rush for the change in sound, but about 1 year later I re-evaluated the 1982 album
Now, it's still one of my favorites, except for their biggest charting song ever, New World Man, still not fond of this track.
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