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Last month it was a 2015 black Redzone Soul that won Soul Of The Month, now it's a white 2010. Just shows the diversity of Souls and how different people's preferences can affect how the voting goes in this competition. That means that ANYBODY has a chance of winning, so why not enter your car for May's SOUL OF THE MONTH?

Congratulations to anthony.foble for April's Soul Of The Month :applause:

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Congrats!!! ?
Isn't it suppose to be APRIL Soul of the Month? ???
It is now......:tongue-new:
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Uhm Lewis it is April.....what are you saying mate? Lol

Gratz btw Anthony
Congrats Anthony! This now confirms that I need to finish blacking-out mine.
I'm late, but gratz! That's a slick ride, man.
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