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Air Horns Par Excellence
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Installing a set of Air Horns on My SOUL, was a nice project for me...<:)) I bought a "Chrome Air Horn Kit", that came with everything needed to install them. I also bought a Horn Button, so I could use them in any combination with the SOUL's OEM Horn...Sweet. As seen in the following Pics below, I had a perfect placement location for the Air Horns. My "SSD Three Point Brace" proved to be the Perfect mounting point in the Engine Bay under the SOUL's Hood...<:))

NOTE: Par Excellence | Definition of Par Excellence by Merriam-Webster Define par excellence: better than all others... sharp sound made by a horn, trumpet, or similar ...

I fashioned my own hanger brackets out of some cut to size (fit) "L" brackets from the Hardware Store...

As seen below, the brackets moved the Horns back, and the Pump bracket is bent to bring the Pump in Perfect balance hanging down from its pump mount in this application (no stress)...

The Horns are Totally out of the way, and do not obstruct with Engine Cover removal...
NOTE: I took my Brace off ~ Drilled and Tapped the brace ~ Mounted the Horns, and Pump ~ Put the Brace back in the SOUL...
NOTE: I connected the (-) (+) wires to the Bottom of the Pump with proper connectors... One short (-) wire to any of the many grounding connections right there... One Long (+) wire that you will run back along the upper cowl, heading into the SOUL to connect to the MY mounted separate Horn Button through the steering column grommet (soft rubber)(perfect entry location)(used a sharpened coat hanger piece to poke the "2" wires in, going to the horn button)(the return wire goes to the Fuse as seen at the back of the battery, to make a Fused Hot Battery connection)...
NOTE: I wanted a Totally Separate Circuit so as to have NO warranty questions on this install...
NOTE: I used a Horn Button, so I didn't need the "Horn Kits" micro circuit relay...

Shown below is my Brace modified with my fashioned angle brackets...

Here is a Top Down Look at my modified Brace

Shown Below is the Horns, and Pump installed on the Brace, with the "Horn Kit" included Air Line installed. Brace is now ready to be put back in the SOUL Engine Bay...
NOTE: There was only one inch of Air Line left over...!!! Air Line is a "VARY" tight fit on them nipples !!! I used my heat gun to get that air line fully seated...YUP

Here is where I put the Air Horn Button (lots of room behind this Fuse Panel)(wide open to the Firewall on the right side)
NOTE: I use short pigtail wires off the Switches, and use Bullet connectors for easy door removal...BUT...I also leave some slack in the wires, so the door can just hang down when just working with the SOUL's Fuse Block...

~~~ Conclusions I Have Come To ~~~
< These Things Scream >
< 3 out of 5 stars on how hard this Mod was to do >
< If The OEM Horn Don't Make Them Move, You Add The Screaming Air Horns To The TUNE >
< A Lot To Talk About At "SHOW & SHINE" With These Horns Sounding Off >
< Not-Much-Money >< Hell-Of-A-Lot-Of-FUN >

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