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May 2017,
Added a loud compact air horn to help with situations that demand a little more than factory horn can handle. The 7 yrs I had my 2010 I went thru 3 air horns. Tapped the relay trigger wires into back of factory horn connection which is buried under the drivers headlamp, which must be removed. Ran those leads to relay which draws its power from 6-way junction/buss box that I added to firewall. Removed cover & trim above radiator & found a frame rail between grill & radiator that I was able drill a hole into & mount an heavy angle bracket to hold air horn. You can see it on left side of front plate, behind grill.
Soul 2017 hornn.jpg Soul 2017 horn (3).jpg
Soul 2017 horn (8).jpg Soul 2017 wire (2).jpg
Soul 2017 wire (4).jpg
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