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2014 Kia Soul RedZone
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'14 Soul+ RedZone w/full nav.
We have Samsung s20+ phones.

I so much prefer Waze or Google Maps
With Real Time updates over memory maps of stock nav.
I love Android Auto.
Plug, unplug, plug is a hassle
The USB comm port does not provide adequate charge power.
So, phone slowly drains while connected via USB comm port.

Enter WIRELESS Android Auto.
Dongle plugs into USB comm port.
Phone connects WIRELESSLY to dongle.
Head unit thinks wired Android Auto.
Leaves phones USB port open for more powerful charger.

There are a few different manufactures of these devices.
The 2 most prominent are AAWireless and a Motorola branded unit.
A bit of research.

The Motorola is not made by 'motorola'.
The motorola name is licensed to a different manufacturer.
Reviews indicate it is a good unit.
Avail off/on at Amazon

The AAWireless unit is the inovating company/product.
It was built by the white hats at xda-developers.
Initially funded by indigogo project.
The AAWireless has an optional control app for the phone to adjust settings within the AAWireless device.
Avail at Amazon.

I chose the AAWireless mostly because of my familiarity with xda-developers and the support app.

Now for the review.
INSTALL was super easy.
I dowloaded the phone app,
Followed the app on phone instructions.
Easy Peasy.

As the Soul has always on power at the USB comm port, it can (will) very slowly drain car battery.
It also seemed to create an issue when re-connecting.
So, I made 1 settings adjustment that helped with reconnecting.
See attached photos...

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Motor vehicle Steering part Steering wheel Vehicle door Hood

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Azure Font Circle Parallel Diagram

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2014 Kia Soul RedZone
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That's nice to have wireless AA...thanks for the info. I'd like to have that one day. The price is a tad bit high for me right now, but seems fair and reasonable. Wonder if they could reduce the size down at some point to a plug-in USB dongle (similar to BT ones)...would most likely mean even more $ though.
There are some stick type, straight USB style.
But seriously 'off brand' foreign made/source.

Either of these is about 2in square/round, less than 1/2 inch thick.
Can easily be 2 side tape mounted out of view.

2014 Kia Soul RedZone
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Nice review and write up! Looks like a nice unit, and the ability to turn it on and off at start up is nice. I have the Motorola unit, myself, and can provide some details on it as well to help. One nice thing about the Motorola unit, is that it uses actual Google software, so there is no additional app necessary, it just works with the factory installed wireless AA on your phone, (if you have it). The downfall to that though, is that with the Soul having constant power to the USB like it does, I actually have to unplug and plug back in on occasion to get it to connect, so the ability to change settings on the AAWireless unit seems like a real plus!!!
The AAWireless does NOT require the app download. It will work without the app on the phone.
The app does provide the OPTION to change some settings in the AAWireless to account for different combinations of phones/cars.

Looking forward to your Motorola review.
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