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If you plan on walking, hitching a ride via Uber or taking the city bus or city cab, then sell it.
But if you are about to pursue another new vehicle, then prepare yourself to pay thru the nose for it.
I'm waiting until summer to sell our Hyundai Santa Fe. I hate it's whiny, over-extended transmission shift points and the dealer say's it the same as all the other Santa Fe's made for 2019.

By late summer, I'm hoping new vehicle prices get below the sticker price. As of today, most purchases are above sticker price and then comes all sorts of charges, fees and taxes, on-top of the sticker price.

If need-be, I'll even wait until next Thanksgiving time-frame. Maybe by then I'll need to include our Kia Soul also. Ours was made in the same time-frame as all the ones suffering thru the junk oil rings fiasco / dilemma. A few weeks ago I started checking the oil dipstick every weekend, even after only 150-175 miles driven for the entire week.

So far - so good. Dipstick level always remains on the Full-Mark, I really like it's MPI engine over any of the Koreans GDIs and TGDIs.
You probably know availability of new vehicles is dependent upon resolution of the chip shortage. Anyone's guess when that will occur so you may be driviing that Santa Fe a long time. :D
21 - 21 of 21 Posts