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20's on my soul

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20 inch velocity vw12 on my Kia Soul tire size 245/35 ZR20 all season tire


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Well, its the "different strokes for different folks" deal.

You posted the pics. However,did not ask,what do you think...

Guess,I'll go first.

The wheels do fix the gap in the wheel wells.
Other than that, look awful.

Ride "not actually compromised".

I'll stop there.
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You did'nt ask for comments. However when you post,you will get e'm.

Thumbs down from me.
Forget about the ride,potholes and such.
I really don't care.You have to drive it.

Design wise,20's on a Soul are just way out of proportion to the size of the vehicle.

Its just not my thing.

I live near Atlanta. You see these monster wheels on Crown Vics&Gran Marquis everyday.
Most owners spend so much on the wheels that they put on low cost tires.

Most vehicles have a max size that balances out the wheel to the vehicle size.
IMO,its 18's on the Soul.

Its your vehicle,you like it,thats all that counts.
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