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Like many dirty words, "CVT" should be banned from this forum!!!
We ain't got no freakin' CVT! I had one in my 1960 Harley Topper Motor Scooter, and the IVT is Nothing like that.
That was all based on Centrifugal force, engine RPM, and lots of Freakin' Magic.
Then in 2009, I drove a 2010 Suzuki SX4 Sedan with a real CVT and Yes, I got that Rubber Band effect.
I didn't care for that at all. Again, we ain't got no CVT!!!

On our IVT, a computer, operates solenoids and servos to cause the tranny to shift, or not shift, depending on where you have the shift lever.
Today, I got in a Red Light Drag Race with a big RAM Pickup. Just beyond the light, the road narrows down from two lanes to just one and I really wanted to be first to get to that one lane.
So, I put the shifter in Manual mode and waited for the Green Light. When I got the green, I put the pedal to the metal and my little 2.0L screamed like a banshee and we took off like a scalded cat. I heard the IVT shift twice (at 6200 rpm on the tach) before I got to the single lane, and I was way ahead of that RAM truck, and the speedometer was just touching 80mph. Whoa Nellie! I slowed down to normal road speed and returned my shifter to Auto mode. That RAM truck driver was really p'd off to be smoked by a Soul, so he passed me at his first opportunity, after tailgating me for about 1/4 mile.

By the way, I put 30K+ Miles on my first IVT, before that car was totaled, and I've now got 16k+ on my replacement 2020 Soul, and all without one little bit of Transmission problems. Yes I've had all the software upgrades, etc.
Even the engine has passed all her reliability tests, with nary a problem.

I spent 6 years, driving my 2013 Soul with the 1.6L engine and six speed AT. The IVT works much like that six speed AT, shifting from 1st gear through sixth gear under normal driving, but with the ability to be shifted, manually, into 8th gear when I want Overdrive. I really liked my 2013 Soul, but I like my 2020 Soul a lot better.

Cheers mates!
FLH :cool:

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I've got a 2022 with a manufacturer date of 08/21. Bought it brand new in October 2021. Just hit 10K miles on the clock. No issues. But I'll be lying if I say that I'm not somewhat concerned or worried every time I read or hear about all the engine and transmission issues the Soul has. I've done two oil changes since and I did notice on the second one, it was darker than the 1st. Did the 1st one around 3K and the 2nd one around 9K. Regardless, unlike my other cars that I only drive maybe 3 times a month on the weekends, I love this car and It's my daily grind. Fun to say the least since I always use manual mode. 馃槃
i have a 2020 not sure manufacturer date, bought new, don't drive much so only at 7800 miles. yellow check engine last week - today dealer tells me needs new engine. smoke was coming out of the engine. i feel grateful i was not on the hwy when it kicked off. very weird. my first kia as well...bought it for the warranty and was very cheap but now not sure it's worth it. they are covering the engine but i feel like our relationship has taken a big hit!
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