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If you mean the wheels, I waxed them. Thanks.
No, they looked very nice. The barrels are the part of the rims behind the spokes. When I first got my EX I cleaned them and waxed. After that, I cleaned using a barrel brush like the one at the Amazon link below. Another thing I learned was once the water beads up on the car, to dry it, I use a small electric leaf blower and the water easily runs off. I open the doors and blow door panels dry, the liftback area, and the wheels. Works very well. TAKAVU Master Wheel Brush, Easy Reach Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush 18’’ Long Soft Bristle, Car Wheel Brush, Rim Tire Detail Brush,Multipurpose use for Wheels,Rims,Exhaust Tips,Motorcycles : Automotive
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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