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After more than five months of back and forth with my dealership and Kia support I am having my radio replaced.
The radio nav screen worked when I purchased the car used from a non Kia dealer. After attempting the free upgrade from KIa's webpage the radio lost Nav maps and voice command function, As a second owner the radio warranty is only for three years. Finally after all the back and forth I was told by my dealership that I was technically out of warranty by a little over a month. This was due to the fact that Kia date of manufacture for the the vehicle was 3/19 and yet was sold as the 2020 year model. I guess they call that creative marketing. Long story short, my service manager went to bat for me and they finally agreed to replace the radio. The only catch being that I will pay for the labor. That's OK with me because that radio has an $1800 price tag from Kia. The struggle wasn't easy as I had to get Map N Soft involved to force the issue. Map N Soft are the ones that write the navigation software and their engineers are pretty sharp. They walked me through the steps and when I reached the point of upgrade failure they were able to narrow the problem down to an issue in the radio. With that info and my dealer's help Kia finally decided they would yield. Hopefully in a few weeks this will be behind me. This was a lot of trouble for a Navigation radio that will go out of date in six month , and will have to wait another 18 month before there is a new map upgrade. Will try to update this post after the 29th of March when they do the replacement.
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