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2020-2022 Kia Soul Autostop Eliminator

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2020-2022 Kia Soul Auto Start Stop Disable AE037 (Autostop Eliminator Installation) - YouTube Autostop Eliminator for 2020, 2021, & 2022 Kia Soul Hey Guys..I just bought my Autostop eliminator....oh The Code for 10% off is still working AUTOVLOG just used it 10min ago so it was $90 otd tax and free ship....its plug and play no cut wires
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Once the disable button is pressed, anything that can keep it IN, will permanently disable the feature. Whatever you use to hold the button in, tooth pick, piece of card stock, whatever, can be quickly removed when you go in to the dealer, so there is never any question about altering the factory features. What they don't know, can't hurt you.

Cost? Zero $
Installation time? Less than ten seconds.
Effectiveness? 100%

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One exception the MG -motor generator on a prius re-starts the engine. the same one that powers it.. Prius's do not have conventional starters lie a normal ICE.. so yes it will wear out the starter on a soul much faster..
ive had my 2020 for a year and have had the starter replaced 3 times... definitely elimination start stop.

The coupon code of: AUTOVLOG still works for 10% off. I've been way too busy to build a device to do this. I don't drive my X-Line much only 2902 miles so far. I've had it 28 months.
ive had my 2020 for a year and have had the starter replaced 3 times...
Wow :(

How many miles do you have on it? One replacement would I think be usual in its own right, let alone three.
Put one on my '22 Turbo a few weeks after I bought the car. Best $90 I've ever spent 👍🏻
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