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Everything fits fine but there is one isue. The filter housing bolt holes don't line up with the Souls. They aren't off by a lot. I'm going to revisit this in the spring to see if I can persuade it to line up. I'm not concerned- the fit is so snug it doesn't move at all. I think this is the best we'll ever get.

I bought "K&N Performance Air Intake | 2019-2021 Hyundai Veloster 1.6T PART# K&N 69-5323TS" from MAPerformance's website. I paid for this/not affiliated. That was my first time using that company. I used FB reviews to see that it was a real website. I paid for faster shipping. I rationalized if I paid for better shipping, my package would be prioritized by UPS and not get held up in the "normal" holiday mail. Ordered it end of last week, showed up today. Correct part, instructions, and the exact amount of hardware. 10mm, 4mm, flat head, socket wrench/gun if you're impatient like me, and a 12+" extension.

Youtube has several videos for Velosters/Souls/forte. Any future parts I will search for the forte or veloster.

Only suggestion I have is leave the fresh air snorkel on, it's only a mildly inconvenient (-12% convenience).

Disconnect the negative if you're into that kinda thing.

Pic 1- before- take off the beauty cover. It just pulls straight off- from four "posts." Disconnect the latches, two hoses, two clamps on the intake. The clamps on the intake were unfamiliar to me but this is my first Korean car. I lost the two backing nuts when I was trying to loosen the screw (doesn't matter but heads up if you care).

Pic 2- tray still in. 3 screws (bolts?)- top left, almost top right, and bottom right about where the fresh air intake meets the tray. I think that's why the instructions want you to take that out. I had a long enough extension, didn't need to.

Pic 3- installed. Haven't trimmed the rubber seal- my hands were cold. Also, why my car is so dirty.

About 45 minutes. Make sure to drop your clamps into the engine bay and hardware in the gravel.

I'm not concerned about the "filter box" not being bolted down. Next warm day when I have a minute I'm going to bend an ear and bolt it down with one. One won't hold it, three never woulda. Not exactly spinning the Earth here.

Review: 13/10. I thought I would be picking up a BOV but this CAI is perfect for me. The BOV would be way too obnoxious/like I have a huge turbo. My best attempt at a description: my wife can drive it without making it shwooh and avoid "making people look at her." But it is right there immediately after that. If you drive by the cop like granny, it won't make a noise and he'll pull over the other guy. If 15% throttle is granny throttle, 16% starts the typhoon (bad joke i think knn calls it the typhoon series). I tried to use my dash cam footage but the audio was bad. I'll try to get some with my phone in the next week or so.

Go buy a CAI and make swhoosh noises and laugh. I think this will keep me entertained until I do the exhaust. I'm trying to find the right mix to get it from its current DB of ~2.73/10 to a 5.11 repeating. So I can hear if its idling at a stop light or if I forgot to turn off auto-stop. I'm thinking cat delete, resonator, straight pipes, some kind of magnaflow muffler.

Happy Holidays


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