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Hi all,
I just purchased a 2018 soul with 215/55/17 tires.
I have left over winter tires 195/70/15 tires mounted on 15" rims. The circumference difference is only -2.3% so not that much.
I have tried one of winter tire at the front and it clears the caliper but doesn't allow for much room (11" rotor with caliper will leave approx. 1/2 " clearance). I have read that the 2014 model does accept r15 rims and also shares the same front rotor (11"). As such I believe it should ok to use the r15 wheels but can be wrong.

Question: is it too little of a clearance?? should I not use the r15 tires?
Thanks for your candid answer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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