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Its me again just giving you a friendly reminder of our upcoming April Nebraska meet! Just over 2 weeks out! Just enough time for most to request off work! its our biannual Weekend meet! so please try your hardest to come out and support!

What: Nebraska Meet!
When: April 18th 7AM till 12-1ishPM and 19th 4PM till whenever!, 2015
Where: at Everett Park in Bellevue like normal, and for those new comers here’s a map:
Park google map!

Local Directors meeting will be Held at 2PM before the Meet at my house.

This is a semi Annual Weekend meet!

This time the Sigma Kappa car show is going to be going on the day of the 18th so we will attend that as a group ($15 pre register and $20 day of show) and not everyone is required to put their car in but its much appreciated as this is the second year of the show and we will have attended both years so far :)

On the 19th we will do bowling! first we will meet up around 4 at the park, then we will cruise to my house around 5ish to have a cookout and then cruise to bowling which starts at 9PM! feel free to show up before (ill be chillin starting around 2ish at my place with the directors) and if anyone wants to install anything let us know and we can do that before hand as well :)

Pleas e do your best to attend! last month was a bust (and i understand everyone has things going on but we give PLENTY of notice of these things :p )

Here’s a Facebook link to the chapters Facebook:

And here’s one to the Facebook event as well Please RSVP here too!:
Sigma Kappa show event:
April Meet Event:
(if you have trouble getting into either the event of the chapter FB please add me on facebook (im the only Evan Nekuda lol) and ill get you added in
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