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2014 Soul Base Add Cruise Control

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Hey Guys,

This is the process I went through to add cruise control to my 2014 base Soul with manual transmission. This has been a long journey but its finally paying off. One lesson learned was to never let the dealer discourage you. So below are the simple steps to follow to add cruise control in.

Step 1: Order the parts. All you need here is the physical cruise control switch and a new harness inside the steering wheel so that the cruise control switch can be plugged into the clock spring. Don't let the dealer tell you that you need anything else. The following part numbers are what I ordered. I'm not sure if these change for different colors, but if your current wheel looks like mine in the photos, these are the ones you need. It should be a little over $100. If they are charging much more than that, they may be ripping you off.

Part Numbers:
Steering wheel harness: 56190-B2400
Cruise Control Switch (Black): 96700-B2100ASB

Step 2:Remove the wheel. Unfortunately, to do this right the wheel needs to come off. First thing to come out is the airbag. There are 3 holes around the side of the wheel that allow access to the airbag release pins. You need a small screw drive to push on the release pins all the way around. After all the pins are released, the airbag slides out (no screws or bolts). Then you can disconnect the wiring going to the airbag. PLEASE DO THIS WITH THE BATTERY DISCONNECTED! With the airbag out of the way, unscrew the nut in the center of the wheel. Use a Sharpie to mark the wheel and steering shaft so that you can easily line the wheel back up when reinstalling (you don't want to have the wheel ****ed when you are driving straight). I was able to remove my wheel without a puller. If you are not using a puller, be very careful not to damage the threads on the shaft.

Step 3: Build the wheel. At this point, you will need to completely disassemble the back of the wheel. After removing the 6 or so screws, the black plastic cover should pop off. Remove the existing harness and install the new one plugging in the connections to all steering wheel switches. I highly recommend that you test it, at this point. All of the switches use the exact same plug. So if you mix them up your audio buttons will be setting the cruise control and Bluetooth could be changing channels. We don't want that. Install the new switch and reassemble to steering wheel.

Step 4: Reinstall the steering wheel. Be sure to line this up with the Sharpie markings you made in step 1. Tighten on the nut to the steering shaft. Make sure all plugs are fully seated into the clock spring. Reinstall the airbag. MAKE SURE THE BATTERY IS STILL DISCONNECTED. We don't want that thing going off on you. Once the airbag is plugged in and snapped into place, you are ready to enjoy your new cruise control.

I hope this helps everyone out there who really wanted this feature. I'm personally very happy. My local dealer wanted $699 for an aftermarket kit to be added. This was less than 1/5 the cost and gave me factory results.


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New here with a 2014 base, manual trans and looking to order parts. I ordered from the link on page one of this thread and I got an email stating parts are no longer available with no ETA. That's ridiculous.

Where are you guys ordering from?
Thanks. I'm looking to order the two part numbers listed on the first post of this thread, which a few on here have ordered and installed successfully. I have a 2014, manual trans, base model as well. I am looking to add cruise just as described. I went to link on page one for KIA parts and was able to successfully order the parts for $71, but I got an email 24 hours later explaining they are no longer available...which can't possibly be true. Where have others ordered these two part numbers from?
I finally got my parts in last week and tackled this yesterday. My only issue was that my airbag connectors, either on the airbag side or the other end of the yellow wire that connects at the clock spring (or whatever thats called) wouldn't come apart (as seen in the above pic with the knife). Instead of breaking anything, I replaced the harness while holding the airbag and the wheel with one hand and replacing the harness with the other. Still only took 45 minutes or so and worked like a champ! It's truly plug and play. The lights work on the dash and there's no additional work needed other than what has been stated. Its 100% functional as it would be in a non base model car.

$58 plus shipping ended up at $71. They didn't want to sell it to me based on my VIN number (since my VIN verifies I don't have cruise). I told them send it to me anyway.
Hi nannermoon, good job on avoiding a HUGE mistake by mangling your mt Soul by installing a Rostra CC system. I looked into the same thing in 2014. The Rostra install requires several invasive steps & is frankly a total waste of time and money. Not to mention you'd end up with a jury rigged product that performs poorly.

The Kia factory switch & harness are ALL YOU NEED. $70ish total. It works perfect because it is perfect.
It's been about 1.5 years since my CC install following the steps mentioned in here. It's funny to come back here and see people still mentioning that Kia will not install factory cruise on the manual cars. I just had someone local contact me (my car is for sale and I mention that I added Kia CC in the ad), and all he wanted to know was how I did it. The way I understood it, the dealer actually added aftermarket cruise to his car and it was garbage. I pointed him here and he should be good to go. Still blows my mind that this is still an issue. :-(
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