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2014 Soul Base Add Cruise Control

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Hey Guys,

This is the process I went through to add cruise control to my 2014 base Soul with manual transmission. This has been a long journey but its finally paying off. One lesson learned was to never let the dealer discourage you. So below are the simple steps to follow to add cruise control in.

Step 1: Order the parts. All you need here is the physical cruise control switch and a new harness inside the steering wheel so that the cruise control switch can be plugged into the clock spring. Don't let the dealer tell you that you need anything else. The following part numbers are what I ordered. I'm not sure if these change for different colors, but if your current wheel looks like mine in the photos, these are the ones you need. It should be a little over $100. If they are charging much more than that, they may be ripping you off.

Part Numbers:
Steering wheel harness: 56190-B2400
Cruise Control Switch (Black): 96700-B2100ASB

Step 2:Remove the wheel. Unfortunately, to do this right the wheel needs to come off. First thing to come out is the airbag. There are 3 holes around the side of the wheel that allow access to the airbag release pins. You need a small screw drive to push on the release pins all the way around. After all the pins are released, the airbag slides out (no screws or bolts). Then you can disconnect the wiring going to the airbag. PLEASE DO THIS WITH THE BATTERY DISCONNECTED! With the airbag out of the way, unscrew the nut in the center of the wheel. Use a Sharpie to mark the wheel and steering shaft so that you can easily line the wheel back up when reinstalling (you don't want to have the wheel ****ed when you are driving straight). I was able to remove my wheel without a puller. If you are not using a puller, be very careful not to damage the threads on the shaft.

Step 3: Build the wheel. At this point, you will need to completely disassemble the back of the wheel. After removing the 6 or so screws, the black plastic cover should pop off. Remove the existing harness and install the new one plugging in the connections to all steering wheel switches. I highly recommend that you test it, at this point. All of the switches use the exact same plug. So if you mix them up your audio buttons will be setting the cruise control and Bluetooth could be changing channels. We don't want that. Install the new switch and reassemble to steering wheel.

Step 4: Reinstall the steering wheel. Be sure to line this up with the Sharpie markings you made in step 1. Tighten on the nut to the steering shaft. Make sure all plugs are fully seated into the clock spring. Reinstall the airbag. MAKE SURE THE BATTERY IS STILL DISCONNECTED. We don't want that thing going off on you. Once the airbag is plugged in and snapped into place, you are ready to enjoy your new cruise control.

I hope this helps everyone out there who really wanted this feature. I'm personally very happy. My local dealer wanted $699 for an aftermarket kit to be added. This was less than 1/5 the cost and gave me factory results.


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New here with a 2014 base, manual trans and looking to order parts. I ordered from the link on page one of this thread and I got an email stating parts are no longer available with no ETA. That's ridiculous.

Where are you guys ordering from?
Hello and welcome to the forum. If you could please review this thread, particularly item 1:

As far as parts go, they are few and far between for the 2014s so far. There are many parts for the gen 1 though.

What are you after?
Thanks. I'm looking to order the two part numbers listed on the first post of this thread, which a few on here have ordered and installed successfully. I have a 2014, manual trans, base model as well. I am looking to add cruise just as described. I went to link on page one for KIA parts and was able to successfully order the parts for $71, but I got an email 24 hours later explaining they are no longer available...which can't possibly be true. Where have others ordered these two part numbers from?
The pipe line may be dry with all the good folks, like yourself, that are trying to add cruise to their machines. Right now most all the stuff is going to production so the pipeline may have to refill and that depends on Kia's production runs (or their suppliers runs) and may not have committed to replenish the stock yet. You may want to try your dealer but I am sure they will charge more.
...One really great "side effect" I noticed after I reconnected the power (and reset the clock and the other settings you lose when you disconnect the power) that the annoying feature where the air conditioner turns on automatically ANY TIME you send air to the upper glass, no longer does that. It's great. I complained to my salesman at the time I bought the car, but he said "you would obviously want the air conditioner on any time you send air to the windshield." Um, NO. There are plenty of times I want air flow to the glass and the floor of the cabin, but don't want refrigerated air blowing. I'm always having to turn the air off even though I didn't turn it on. Problem is now solved. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that?
They should not notice it because it isn't right. Your salesman seems to not really know his stuff, no should want the AC to come on automatically just because you selected the upper registers. I would say that it had a wrong bit set somewhere along the line and when you disconnected power it reset to the proper setting. In these newer computer controlled cars it is sometimes hard to get a straight answer. But remember CNTRL-ALT-DELETE is always a fall back position (done on a car by disconnecting the battery).
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So you just need the switch and a plug in harness????????? How does it talk to the DBW system or computer, can this be a Honda-esq type thing built into it from the factory to be made easier... I'm local here in Phoenix and would like to chat on the phone about it if you dont mind.. This was a BIG BUMMER for me to not have cruise on a base manual and has kept me from my purchase until now!!! Can you PM me your cell #, I'm new to forum so I dont know if i can pm yet or i'd send mine but ill try.. Kick Ass job doing your homework!!!!!!
Welcome to the forum. I think you need to have a few posts before you can PM, but not many. If you could review this thread, especially Item 1, it would be appreciated:

As for the cruise control, it is all there in your car already for you to put in the stuff on the steering wheel to make it work. Several folks have done it on more than just this year. Good luck.
...Imagine an Exclaim Whole Shebang with a manual.....sweet! But I guess there wouldn't be enough buyers for it??? I was sad to see the Sportage succumbed to this trend, no more manual transmission starting this year. Lets hope, like vinyl records, for a come back of the manual tranny. I was glad to see Honda offer the new Accord in a stick.
I like a manual also but unfortunately a 2.5 ton truck decided my fate in that regard. But I am afraid that the days of a manual transmission on most anything are going to be numbered. As cars move toward auto driving, the transmission is going to have to be some kind of automatic for that to work. Making a computer controlled manual transmission, while possible, would be prohibitively expensive.
...i put this one on and it looks nice! I will switch it out again since it was pretty easy to do (30 min).
Looking good.
I'm in Columbus and just ordered my kit. Did you find anyone or just bite the bullet? I have the '15 base. 2 weeks old. :) I drive around Ohio a LOT so cruise control is a must!
Cruise is in and working. It took me longer than expected nearly two hours. I am a girl and have few tools to work with and never attempted such a thing before. I am thrilled to have cruise. I bought my car just a week ago with faith that cruise was possible because of all of those who have succeeded in this endeavour. Thanks to all of you for sharing!!!!!
Please try to do an intro thread to let everyone here know you are around. But welcome to the forums.
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Hello everyone,
I'm new to this site but I just added factory cruise control to a 2015 Kia Soul Base model with manual transmission. Thanks to BILLAZ for his tutorial on how to do this. I ordered the parts from and the cost was $74 with shipping. I spent maybe 45 minutes doing the job, only because I was taking my time. This was a very easy process, from pushing the pins in with a long skinny screwdriver to release the airbag, to pulling the steering wheel, to rebuilding the steering wheel components, to putting everything back together. Make sure that you disconnect the battery before you start the process.
Hello Atctiger, glad you were able to make use of member experiences on the forum. You may wish to introduce yourself in the "New Members" forum with an original intro thread. It may reach more members that way. Anyway welcome.
"I realize this post is related to adding cruise, on the steering wheel, to a Kia Soul Base model. Also, one of the most recent threads someone did it to a 2015 model. I wanted to check after reading some other stuff online, has anyone installed this onto a 2015 Base model, w/o heated steering wheel...just a plain Base with m/t, power windows/locks/bluetooth...just the plain Base?

"I saw some sites listed different parts for steering wheels w/ heated vs. non heated steering wheels. I found these parts that were mentioned in the original post, on, around $75 shipping included. I would love to buy them, but just wanted to be sure before I did that there were no surprises.

"Thank you"

Welcome, you may want to consider an intro thread in the new members forum. Just a thought.

As for the other, there is no heated steering wheel on any base models or anything else like that. The base MT does not come with many other options on it but none of those are anything other than the standard, non-enhanced, basic, bottom of the line, simple, round, with some steering wheel controls with audio buttons, no existing cruise control steering wheel.
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ssenrah: Welcome on board.
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