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Its me again just giving you a friendly reminder of our upcoming September meet! Just under a month out! Plenty of time for most to request off work :p and just a not we will ALSO be doing a group photo shoot! Individual cars will get a few shots and the whole group will get shots as well. Girlfriends/significant others/and wifes are very welcome to come as well :)

What: Nebraska September Meet and photo shoot!
When: Sunday September 28th 12PM we will be chilling and hanging out until about 4 when we will start the photo shoot. We will be driving around town for most of it and will try and grab some food somewhere at some point. We will be doing day light shots and night shots as well
Where: at Everett Park in Bellevue like normal, and for those new comers here’s a map:
Park google map!

We will meet at the park like I said around 12pm and chill/hangout until about 4 or so. May do some individual car shots when Ashley our photographer gets there until about 4 when we will start doing group shots and finishing individual shots.

We will hopefully have some time in between day and night shots to stop by fast food or sonics or something for food and Around sundown we will be doing night shots around town as well. So make sure you plan ahead! Get gas and be sure to plan on shooting until around 11pm or so.

Most importantly make sure your car is ship shape! Every thing clean and tidy! We may be doing some interior shots as well so make sure thats up to par. I will, per usual, have SOME extra cleaning supplies that I normally carry around to help if we need some touchups.

A plan of mine is maybe having some 2015 calendars printed up with these photos :) But mostly to use these on our chapter group page and send to Mark for official Streetkiaz usages :) who knows! One may eventually end up in an official Kia Corporate magazine! (Texas had one that did!) and that would be awesome! Also you will all be allowed to have them as they will be posted to our facebook group :)
Our official Facebook page is here: where you can keep up to date with all our stuff we have going on in the chapter.

And here is the official Facebook event!
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