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Its me again just giving you a friendly reminder of our upcoming July Nebraska meet! Just over 4 weeks out! Just enough time for most to request off work and plan! :p

What: Nebraska Meet!
When: Saturday July 19th 2PM
Where: at Everett Park in Bellevue like normal, and for those new comers here’s a map:
Park google map!

Hopefully we have a decent turn out, but no biggie if not. I would rather everyone attend August's ICC meet if you had to choose :)

If you have any work needed to be done or parts to install let us know, we can help do it :)
Food details are being hashed out in a comment on the main facebook event!

Here’s a Facebook link to the chapters Facebook:
(if you cannot get into the group let me know your facebook and ill add you in)
And here’s one to the event as well:
(same goes here, if you can’t see it let me know!)
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