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2012 Led Ring Front Speakers - Add a new color?

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Has anyone successfully hacked the led light speaker rings to make a new color other than the standard 8(ish) color options? I want to make a brown option to match my Redrock edition. I assume that voltage is the key, but I'm no electrical engineer.

Any thoughts?
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so to add or change a color the control box would either need to be removed and re programmed which may or may not be easy. The easiest way to do what you want would be to take the rings wiring and run them into a existing box that has multi color capability. being sure to match the wires otherwise you will be getting the wrong color. The closest example i can think of to someone doing this is the angel eyes ive seen on a few kias around the web. I might to do this when i add some more lights to my car.

take pins 4-9 23,24 for the rings then attach them to the box like 4,5,6,23 and 7,8,9,24 and they should work. fo course you will need to match this with the box and you will be golden
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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