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17" wheels

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2016 Kia soul with 70,000 miles.

Someone put 17" wheels on my soul. The sticker on the door says 16". They are 17" Kia Wheels.
I am having a TPMS light that stays on all the time.

The TPMS light is not a big deal I could care less really, but I happen to need new tires and the rubber valve stems are not looking so great. Now is the time to just replace the entire TPMS assembly. Walmart has a set of 4 for $70 and they have aluminum valve stems.

When I bought the car and took it to Jiffy Lube for an oil change they said the tires were inflated at 44psi all the way around. They checked the door sticker and set them at 33 psi. Guess they did not check it real close to notice that pressure was for 16" wheels but that is fine.

I was about to order some new tires and I noticed that the car came with 16" wheels.

Now I am wondering a couple things.

1.) Will it not matter. I mean can I put new sensors in the car with these larger wheels and the car will read everything just fine?

2.) What is the correct Air Pressure setting for 17" wheels?

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The 2016 Soul + came with 17” (P215/55R17) wheels so that won’t be a problem. Maybe the previous owner swapped the stock wheels with the 17”. The Soul Base came with 16”. Not sure what the inflation should be but 34-36 psi sounds about right.
Mine has 16's. The door jamb say's inflate to 33psi. The service tech at the dealership once told me they go with 36psi.
My 2018 + equipped with the 17" wheel says set to 35 psi. It's a 215 width tire.
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