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#1 Cylinder no compression

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I am disappointed that's there is no discussion about this. Talking to the service manager this is a very common problem. #1 cylinder has no compression. The other 3 seem normal. This car has 180,000 interstate miles. He explained that it had to do with the instant start feature, #1 cylinder is engineered with higher compression. Said I could replace with a crate engine. I want to see why. Disassembly will begin in the coming days and weeks.
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Year & trim?
Just because one Kia service manager told you it's a common problem does not make it so. That's just common sense logic. 馃槈
This was a service manager who knew nothing about the car. I told him that the engine was bad and without any further information he told me the symptoms and diagnosis. It was not a coincidence.
I wasn't doubting his diagnosis, I was questioning his statement that it was a "common problem" with Soul engines. Could that be why you weren't able to find other discussions here about this "common* problem?

For all I know it actually is a common problem with Soul engines (you still haven't told us what year or trim your car is), but I would never assume this just because a single service manager told me so. If my doctor tells me I have cancer, you can bet I'm gonna be seeking a second opinion. 馃槈

Good luck.
Why is it not uncommon to see a Toyota with several hundred thousand miles? Why can't these engines do the same? I will find out and tell the world.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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