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#1 Cylinder no compression

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I am disappointed that's there is no discussion about this. Talking to the service manager this is a very common problem. #1 cylinder has no compression. The other 3 seem normal. This car has 180,000 interstate miles. He explained that it had to do with the instant start feature, #1 cylinder is engineered with higher compression. Said I could replace with a crate engine. I want to see why. Disassembly will begin in the coming days and weeks.
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I think if one cylinder has no compression and you are then running on just 3, it would be vibratingly obvious.
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The trick is
For me, to take it to a pro.
I don't know those tricks or how to do that stuff.
I can turn a wrench, but if you want precision, hahahah. :)
Here is a picture of a kit I got today for a 1.6 (the OCV gasket I mentioned is for the 1.6 not your 2.0)
Looks to me like a job I was thinking diy, then it turned into omg.
Where do all these go? :oops: :LOL:
We went to IKEA once. After a while, ready to leave, we could not find the exit.
Were almost ready to pop the emergency door and flee while the alarm sounded,
But finally found the way we came in and went out the entrance. Never again. :ROFLMAO:

And yes on the familiar.
They say iirc, spend 10,000 hours on something and that's the minimum to gain expertise. (y)
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