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  1. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Well, we wanted to take the Soul through a car wash this weekend but we're a bit concerned that since this is just a stick on deflector that it might get ripped off by the high pressure wash or blow dry. Does anyone have any experience butting these through a car wash?
  2. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I am not saying I use this, I am only asking for opinions, so don't flame me. I is just an ignorant soul. A while back a fellow approached me to buy a can for five dollars of waterless wash stuff for my car. It was in a spray can and supposedly you could foam up your car, wait for it to dry...
  3. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I've just returned from Costco & Home Depot, where I visited places I'd never been in before - Car Guy Country ! Its amazing where a new infatuation will take you. I bought armourall cleaner for the dash, different coloured cloths designed for the different areas, but I also...
1-3 of 3 Results