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usb flash drive info

  1. USB Drive resets to Track One

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Coming from my awesome 2010 orange Forte Koup (The Baby Carrot) to the 2014 Soul ! in Green (The Green Bean) with the Sun and Sound package... I kept the same USB stick. In Baby Carrot, it would always resume to the track I was just on. In the Green Bean, it always goes back to track one! I am...
  2. Just put my first 1,000 on

    New Member Introductions
    Hey! I just put my first 1,000 miles on and I have to say...I Love my Soul!! The only problem I seem to be having is that I can't figure out exactly how to put my I tunes on the USB flash drive so that I can play my tunes. I Tunes(apple) says to download from My Music-to the flash- but then it...