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    Anything is possible.............but don't hold your breath. Report: Kia Track'ster in the future, Soul Turbo possible | The Korean Car Blog
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    2012 Busan International Motor Show (BIMOS 2012) Since they are displaying this concept at all sorts of shows, hope they make it a reality in the near future. Kia Motors at 2012 Busan International Motor Show - a set on Flickr
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    Tomorrow's Technician May 2012
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    I've been following this poll for sometime now and at one point, the Track'ster was in the lead by 5% on the dog K9. Please go to the following site and you will see on the right hand side: Which Kia concept car would you like to own? You can vote as many time as you want. You can refresh...
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    What do you guys think of these concepts? I rather like the Track'ster, although I would have a hard time justifying buying it. Kia Track'ster concept is a self-contained 250-hp AWD track star Kia Concept Vehicle
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    You wouldn't expect a Kia to be the star of an auto show. Then again, you probably wouldn't expect a 250 hp, widebody Kia Soul. Unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, the wildly modified Track'ster is just a concept for now. Kia has announced that while it has no plans to bring this specific car to...
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    Kia, you're such a tease. Today at the Chicago Auto Show, the Korean automaker revealed what it's calling the Trak'ster Concept. But this sport cross came with a disclaimer, "there are no current plans to produce the Track'ster". Boo! Hiss. Of course, that has to be the case, with this wild...