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    ...since Toyota seem to be in no rush to produce pure EVs and I've determined to cut the cord to fossil fuels for good in 2019. Have put a deposit on a 2020 Soul EV and will hopefully be driving one in the next few weeks.
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    2017 Kia Forte Test Drive: Here's What One Toyota Corolla Owner Said - Sponsored by Kia We put a Toyota Corolla driver behind the wheel of the new 2017 Kia Forte—and she absolutely loved it. Find out why, and watch her reactions here.
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    Ok So I was always a very used car kinda gal. I had a 92 toyota paseo that when it died had 260k miles. I then had a break with no car because I was living in a city. I then had a 90 toyota corola with 196k miles on it and it died. I was looking online for another very used car but...
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    I am looking at a Soul Plus...if I can find a new 2015 or for sure a 2016. I have 218k on my 2006 Pontiac Vibe (Toyota Matrix.) Is the Soul worthy of my purchase? I love the looks of the car, but I put about 22k miles a year on the car. Or should I look at a Toyota or Nissan? Thanks for the...
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    Toyota Tops, Fiat Flops in AutoGuide’s 1st Annual Lemon List » News 5th best trailing Toyota, Honda, Mercedes & BMW.
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    I love my Soul but I keep driving by this Toyota Dealer in Bolton who had this little yellow mini on the lot. I went in the other day just to get a quote on a car, a quote. I didn't want to buy the vehicle. The sales rep went over some details, passed it on to the F&I guy, who then printed...
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