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  1. (insert pith intro title here) - New User

    New Member Introductions
    Hell all, I have been a long time lurker in the forum, using this to get insights into my 2010+. I must admit I have not needed to post before but I need a bit of feedback on an issue with the evap specifically. I have found answers to all my other questions without posting thankfully, and you...
  2. Bluetooth media Title info no longer works

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Just bought my '14 Soul base a few days ago. Connected my phone via bluetooth with no issues. Was impressed to see the artist/title info displayed on the radio of the songs stored on my phone. Two days later I get in the car and now all I get is "No Title/No Artist" being displayed for all the...
  3. Radio no longer scrolls song title and artist

    ICE & Communication (Gen 1)
    I have a small but annoying problem. My radio used to automatically scroll through the info (song title, artist, station), but a few weeks ago I lost the Sirius signal. I got it reconnected fine, but now I have to hit the info button repeatedly to get it to display the information that used to...
  4. Problem with Title

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    I bought a Soul Plus at the dealer in Santa Fe, New Mexico on April 20. I paid cash. I never received the Title because the dealership lost it. The dealer then contacted their rep in KIA/Irvine and were told that the MOS was sent to the dealership on May 28th at their request. It has never...