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  1. How To / DIY (Gen 1)
    With the recent extreme cold weather (for WV anyway), I was double checking antifreeze in all my vehicles. The smart and Nissan antifreeze was good to -40 according to my basic Prestone ethylene glycol tester. However, the Soul didn't even register to the first mark of -10. Does the 2012 Soul...
  2. Shark Racing
    We're looking for a US-spec car without fog lights to check up on a few things, as we would like to offer the OEM fogs on our site. The fog light switch is located in the turn signal control lever, right next to the headlight switch. The entire switch assembly has a 13-pin wiring harness. I'd...
  3. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    So there is a company in Corona CA that is going to use my soul sport for there prototype cold air intake. Im taking it in on Monday and they should be done with it Thursday. The awesome benefit is that after they make it I get one for free. They also dyno my car and there intakes promise 7 to...
1-3 of 3 Results