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    Greetings to all.
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    Been browsing the forum for several months now and thanks to everyone here, I finally pulled the trigger and got myself a shiny new Soul. Nothing special, base model, black. Have not even picked a name yet. But the spoiler and stick shift make it more fun to drive than it would appear. I must...
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    Hey guys finally checking in. Hoping to meet fellow soul owners on here and more info on these little cars! I drive a 2012 kia soul base. 6spd. It's slow, unlike my previous cars but my family is comfy and that's what counts. Hoping to learn more on these pretty cool cars and hoping I can...
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    I was a long-time Honda loyalist. My wife totaled her car a month ago and I was dead set on a new CRV. Three weeks ago a co-worker bought a Soul and I initially jiggled at it. Then after a couple of weeks of parking next to it, I changed my tune and thought, "That's actually a damn fine looking...
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    Hi! I just bought my Soul on February 12th! A 2015 Base AT in Bright Silver! Traded in my 2005 Honda Element that I bought new 10 years ago and ran up a whopping 200,000 miles. It was running fine, it was just time. I knew the Soul was going to be my next car. And seeing them more and more on...
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    Hello everyone! Thought id make a post to introduce myself to everyone. The nickname is Kittywolf13 (i created my account on my phone and typoed my username. Mods is there a way i can fix this? if not oh well i'll deal with it) And i've always been an avid car fan. I really enjoy driving and...
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    I was bullied into buying the Soul and grew to love it, in our house hold my wife decides the car (tongue in cheek) and I bike. Seriously its a wicked little car, very nippy, corners well and easy to drive, We own 2 KIA`s a slightly tweeked Picanto and the Soul, we found the KIA products to...
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    This chance picture taken from my balcony.
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    If things go well I'll be the proud owner of a brand new 2013 Soul + with audio package before the weekend is over. Just want to say that this forum has been very helpful in my decision to get a Soul, and the hamster commercials didn't hurt either :)
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    Hi Everyone! We're going out today to get our second Soul! My Hubby loves driving my 2012 Base MT Alien and wants one of his own. My Alien has a black fuel door that makes it look extra cute. The Hubs wants a white one. White is such a generic name, maybe we'll call it Snowflake or Lily. We see...
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    Like the title describes I thought: what the heck it's sunny lets bath the "Titan" and take some pics and post them just for the fun of it...hope you like it guys and gals: And a tribute to the legend tempest: And Daddy's little helper :) Thanks for the visit my friends...
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    Hi there! I purchased my 2012 Shadow Soul + about two months ago, after a LONG research and shopping process. I'm quite pleased with it so far! When I started shopping for some new wheels, I was looking for some basic, inexpensive transportation. I wanted something safe, practical, and...
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    hello folks we are from Leeds in the north of England i bought the wife a Soul2 and i think i like it more than her:eek: this was a 4 month old ex demo car i have had the windows tinted so far anyway hello from us
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    just taking delivery of my 2010 soul samba, well impressed! Turns a few heads!!!! 18 inch wheels, upgraded stereo, tinted windows! looking at getting some parts imported from the good old usa, cant get a lot for them in the uk yet!:cool:
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    Hey all, nice site you've got going here. I'm the proud owner of a new Shadow Soul+ 5-speed. Unfortunately it won't actually be here till next week, but what can ya do. The best part is, my parents were also in the market for a car. My dad came to the Kia dealership with me to check out the...