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    The forums have shown up in my google results all week and now I am a member. I picked up the 2011 White tiger last week. For anyone that has read the Malazan book of the fallen, Treach is the god of war also known as the Tiger of summer.
  2. Central
    Saturday, June 25 · 10:00am - 5:00pm A friend of mine asked me if I was interested in attending a Car Show (OPEN TO ALL CARS/TRUCKS/CLASSICS/SPECIAL INTREST/TUNERS/LOWRIDERS/MINI TRUCKS AND CUSTOM BIKES OVER 800 SPOTS AVAILABLE...) presented by the HHR Club of Ontario. To be held in Niagara...
  3. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hello, I am posting this to see if the Soul community would be interested is joining us for an event we are working on for next summer. We are a PT Cruiser club located in Northeast Pennsylvania. The event I am working on is going to be a multi-platform show, with a theme of Retro/Special...
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    Return to nature :)
  5. West
    This is a FREE SHOW Models - DJ ( Playing the hits ) - Show Cars - Food - Giveaways - Car People - Vendors Spots are already filling up so if you want to reserve your spot send a picture of your car. with your information Name E-mail To [email protected] Also looking for additional...
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  7. Central
    Ok well, for now at least. Couldn't take it anymore, With virtually no snow this winter, and driving on the 16 inch winter tires with crappy traction on dry roads, decided to swap to my regular stock 18" wheels. Car drives much nicer once again and now I won't be shaving my winter tires down to...
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    lugging the JetSki. look it matches! Here I am pumping my life savings into the JetSki gas tank. 20 gals (requires premium gas ....ugh)