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  1. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Over the holidays I had to carry 4 passengers + a folding wheelchair, and later tall plants. Here is my solution: First I set aside the cargo organizer to give me more height behind the rear seats. I put old floor mats and a tarp over the spare wheel to protect against snowy wheels on the...
  2. Soul General Discussion (Gen 2)
    I've been looking for a good spot to mount my Valentine1 and the area above and around the rearview mirror is the best. Before I had it in a visor's path and that restricted visor mobility quite a bit. Doable, I'm just looking for better. Has anyone scraped any of that stuff off to make a hole...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I've been the second owner of a 2013 Soul for five days now, and I love it! It has a few dings here and there, but nothing that can't be (mostly) fixed. I need to find a workaround for one of the front bumper tabs that's broken, (it sticks out a little bit under the right headlight) pull out...
  4. New Member Introductions
    You can call me WolfHack. I recently purchased my 2012 Kia Soul from another owner who did some cool stuff with it. I had come across this forum before and decided to make an account to seek advice and show off further custom work I plan to do down the road. Oh yea, and I live in Oklahoma.
  5. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Ok folks, If you're looking for ways to bling out your Soul you will find it here. Amazing stuff! Alsa Corp | The World's Most Exotic Paints and Finishes Chris
  6. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Today was the last day of school, so I decided that I would celebrate by going to Chic Fil A with a friend. We drove with the windows down, and as I rolled them up, all but mine would go. The drivers window came off of its track, and would go up half way, and then stop. Frustrated I called the...
  7. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hi Everyone I should take possession in the next couple of days (it's been more than 2 weeks so it's about time!). When I signed the deal, I had showed up in the F&I's office with a bunch of parsley stuffed in each ear. I'd see her mouth moving, and had set my head in an automatic 'no-no'...
  8. How To / DIY (Gen 1)
    OK, first off, really really like this car a lot! does fall short in some aspects, annoyingly so as it didn't have to be that way. In my PTCruiser, there as a cool and handy removable cargo shelf, which worked out great for grocery shopping - stash the squashables up on the shelf...
  9. For sale / Trade / Wanted
    I am selling the following, i will package them all together, or sell them seperatly, Shoot me an email. Wethertech Window Air Deflectors----SOLD-------------------------------------- All Weather Floor Mats (G034) ----SOLD-------------------------------------- Carpeted Floor Mats (G070) -...
    Advertising is everywhere and generally no one likes it but for advertisers. However, these ads on wheels are really creative and witty to make you look twice. What’s your fav? The rest of photos are here .
  11. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    shows our family and its Hamsters
  12. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    First off: I do not work for this company, nor do i have any affiliation with it in any way, shape or form. However, i have dealt with them on many many occasions, and will recommend them for this type of modification, any chance i get.. besides, when you call the phone number, you get the...
  13. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Curious if anyone has experience with this product? Seems like it might have potential - don't know how much sound gets in through the door seam...
  14. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    How bout this one from a slovak site: P/N: E86652K002A1 Cena MPC: 105,91 EUR
  15. Soul Accessories (Gen 1)