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    To those thinking of purchasing a Soul. I recently reached 82,000 miles and the car is still going strong. I had an oil leak around 60k that the dealer fixed under warranty, and I had the door panels updated with the new ones about a year ago after a meeting with Kia and the BBB. Most if the...
  2. Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Today I noticed a really strong antifreeze smell coming from my Soul today. I was idleing in a parking lot so I dismissed it as comming from another car. Then as we were driving it came back. The temp guage is staying under half so far and I am not seeing a puddle. I checked the fluids and they...
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    We have surpassed the 1700 member threshold gaining 100 new members in 6 days.....which is on par to our last growth spurt from 1500 to 1600 members.
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    Today we passed the 1500 member mark.... As of today we have 1,613 threads, 16,261 posts and 651 active members. The forum continues to be a great online community, where respect and courtesy is maintained. Congratulations everyone!
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    Today we reached the 1400 member mark....member Deeper Shade of Soul is our 1400th member to date. We gained 100 new members in eleven days...which is on pace with our last benchmark of 1300. Currently we have 1,512 threads, 14,978 posts, and 630 active members (45% active members).....Having...
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    Well it took an extra day to gain 100 members....9 days since our 1100 threshold was reached.... As of today we have 1200 members of which there are 632 active members, 1207 threads and 11,005 posts!
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    In only 8 days we had 100 new members sign up for our community...Today we have reached the 1000th member mark! The forum remains very active with 559 active posters, 995 threads and 8,354 posts. Member 'Relena' was our 1000th member to date. Thank you all for being a member of our Soulful...