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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, thanks for having me! I owned a black 2012 soul +, and ended up trading it in for a 2016 white soul base last year. It's name is FN-2187, for all the Star Wars fans out there! I upgraded the stock rims to rims/tires from a Mustang 245/45r17 (holy hell, I thought it could corner...
  2. Owners Photo Gallery
    Hi everyone, just joined the forums and wanted to introduce you to my pre-owned 2010 Kia Soul + aka Stormtrooper. Photos were taken at Torrey Pines State Beach in Del Mar, CA. I got the car on Dec. 15th and visited the dealer to do some service on the five recalls for this model (e.g...
  3. Owners Photo Gallery
    So here are some first pictures of my new Soul. Better pictures with black racing stripes applied coming soon...;)