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  1. 2010 Ignition Special Edition stick shift, don't want to sell but....

    For sale / Trade / Wanted
    Thought we'd keep this forever, wife's knees have had enough and it's time for an automatic... dangit! 2010 Kia Soul+ Ignition Special Edition (orange color, black stripes/spoiler/cool gas cap/subwoofer/sunroof etc.), 79,xxx miles, lots of trips/highway, increasing slightly as she's now driven...
  2. Playing music thru a USB stick

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    Hey gang... Quick question. Yesterday I downloaded some music onto a USB stick and played it in the car. It seems the music was a bit tinny sounding on the car system, got me to wondering if all speakers work when playing thru a USB stick... Also, occasionally the music kind of warbles, if that...
  3. Automatic stick shift

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    When switching to different gears the stick is tight and now the car will not start in Park and has to be started in neutral. When I park on a hill in P and turn off the car, it goes backwards and makes clicking noise. The engine light is on as well. Anyone have this problem or suggestions...
  4. Will a 64 Gig usb stick work in a 2011 soul?

    ICE & Communication (Gen 1)
    I have a 2011 soul and I am currently using a 32gb thumb drive and it works fine. Just wondering if anybody knows if a 64gb would work or if its to large. Tried to google it and search on here and found nothing.
  5. 2015 Kia Soul Base Stick. Where can I find an Center armrest???

    Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    I did use the search button but all I found was in reference to the earlier models of the Soul not the 2014 or 2015. Any help would be appreciated. BTW love the new car!!! Mark
  6. new stick shift driver needing advice on hills

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Hi folks, I bought a 2014 KIA Soul about a month ago, with manual transmission. Prior to this purchase I had only the most rudimentary stick shift driving skills (we're talking a few weeks of manual driving only). The price on a manual transmission KIA was too good for me to pass up so now I am...
  7. Up and down shifting.

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    When up shifting or down shifting will that cause one to use more gas than just use the automatic drive? Paul
  8. Air intake setting does not stick?

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I just realized the air intake setting (that selects either from outside or recirculate inside) apparently does NOT stick. For example, if you turn on the fan and hit the button in the center of the dial so the LED illuminates indicating air recirculation, upon turning off the fan and then back...
  9. Barracuda - 2.0 + Stick

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, new member. Probably wont be around much .. I don't forum like I used to, but since I just got my new Soul I thought I would at least show off a little bit. Here is the album. 2013 Kia Soul - Imgur Enjoy, and I will be around.
  10. Run You Stick Bastards! Decals

    Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    I don't know about you, but I think the stick family stickers on the rear window of cars/trucks is a little over the top. So I came up with my own Stick People Sticker. Of course, it involves a Soul/ Please note.. No stick people were hurt in the making of these decals :)
  11. USB stick not working.

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    I have the original Kia Soul Sport purchased in Feb 2010. I have been using USB sticks to listen to music since I first got it. I have used all kinds of different brands and sizes (SanDisk, Lexar ranging from 2 Gb up 16 Gb) without any problems. Over time I've acquired a few USB sticks so...
  12. After months of lust, I have a black Soul

    New Member Introductions
    Hi! I have been stalking you guys FOREVER. :p I have wanted a Soul since my mom got one in October, but I had to wait. But I just drove my new manual transmission base Soul home today, it's Shadow. Despite all my research, I did not realize there were no whoopy keyfobs (bummer) or Bluetooth...
  13. Teaching the Lady how to drive a stick. Father in law bonding moment(worth the read)

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    So... In the beginning, she wont admit it but, in the end i know and she knows this is "our car." She co. signed so that i would finally have something safe to drive. She has seen me go through crap; old school muscle, trucks, buses... vans... i have driven them all in this journey we have had...
  14. USB Stick not showing all folders

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    I don't see on here where anyone else had this issue. I basically have dumped all my music on a 16gb Verbatim stick. It works fine, but if I put more than one extra folder on there, it only shows one of them. For example, there is the Root folder with 1000 songs. But then I created a few...
  15. USB Stick lies

    ICE & Communication (Gen 1)
    Just put 559 tracks on my USB stick and checked everyone to make sure they work. Yet the radio is telling me it only has 337 tracks available to play...... is my radio a liar or does it have a file number limitation?. The memory stick is an 8GB one (which are known to cause issue occassionally...
  16. hockey stick graphic,s

    New Member Introductions
    hello, has anybody seen or have the hockey stick graphic,s,on there soul.The car looks great with the molten color and the flat black graphics,i wanted the factory graphic but it is not made in any color other then grey, will try to post pics soon,
  17. are auto zone stick on chrome accessories worth it?

    Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    So I was at my local auto zone picking up a few things for my wifes Sorento. I come accross a whole wall of stuff to customize a car (specificly my new Soul with) I know I am going to get some new pedals. stearing wheel cover and mabey a couple of seat cover. What I want to know is are these...
  18. Do I stick with the 18 inch or trade for 16 inch tires on the 4U?

    Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    Hello friends ! Me and my wife plan on getting the 4U. I don’t really care for the 18" wheels , it rides to firm and is a lot more money for snow tires. Also the rims are more likely to get bent on potholes. So we are thinking of trading in the 18" for some 16" wheels. What does everyone...